360SmartConnect is at your service and transform your BIM model!

onnect BIM easily and without specific software to the reality of construction!

Universal and intelligent traceability for all construction real estate maintenance your factory service providers

Characteristics, documents, actions carried out, instructions … Track object information in real time and easily collaborate with all stakeholders. From their manufacture for the site to their maintenance over time!

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Dematerialize, store and easily consult the information of your objects

Goodbye papers! With 360 SmartConnect, digitize every information and document concerning your objects. And make them accessible simply in a few clicks, from the object using a QR Code / NFC or remotely from your computer.

Share and collaborate effectively in your construction projects ...

From the design of the part in the factory, to its installation, including its correct delivery to the site, follow in real time each action carried out by the parties of your project. All in a secure environment where information is frozen!

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Traçabilité Maintenance 360SmartConnect

... and on the maintenance of your items once installed!

What actions have already been carried out? By who? What are the future actions to plan? Always keep an eye on the maintenance of your items once installed. And keep control over the right achievement!

Manage and monitor in a few clicks remotely

Thanks to our platform, centralize all the objects tracked by the 360SmartConnect solution and follow each step of your project! Thanks to exports and visual dashboards, you always know where you are!

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How it works ?

objet, utilisateur et plateforme 360SmartConnect

Note: An object is a generic term that can represent a material, a part, an element, a building, etc.

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Data and web applications in the field

By reading with their smartphone the marker of an element in the field, the user automatically loads the data and the web application of the object without prior installation or specific device. During his intervention he can update these data from his smartphone.

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NFC / QrCodes markers

They are integrated or glued on the elements / parts / materials that you want to manage (or track). Each tag links to a unique URL linked to a given item, allowing the user to access the web application and specific data for that item.

To learn more about our markers, go to theF.A.Q.

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The SAAS software platform

The SAAS software platform is accessible from any browser. It allows you to manage all data and items equipped with markers. It hosts the web applications for each object.

A powerful solution that improves
your performance in the field

Better efficiency and quality of work

Make it easier to access and share information between stakeholders so that everyone can know what to do, how and when.

Guaranteed deadlines

Rest assured to deliver your work on time thanks to better project management and more efficient work between each actor

Better cost control

Dramatically reduce errors and disputes in your projects through information sharing.

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Ready to take your object lifecycle management to the next level?